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Onsite grooming salon for all Daycare members

Once your dog is a member of our Daycare you will be able to use any of our services including Full Grooms, Baths, Teeth cleaning, Nail trimming etc

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Full Grooms

Our Full Groom service offers your pup a luxurious pampering experience. After a soothing bubble bath and a fluff dry by hand, we brush out their full coat, styling it to either breed standard or pet trim (according to your preference). We also provide a sanitary clip, ear cleaning, nail clipping and a finishing touch with a perfume spritz. Your pup will leave feeling refreshed and looking their best!

Bubble bath & De-shed

Our Bubble Bath service is the perfect way to pamper your pup! Ideal for the dogs who are always on the go or in need of maintenance in between haircuts, it includes a soothing bubble bath, fluff dry by hand, full coat brush out/de-shed, ear cleaning, nail clipping and a finishing touch with a conditioning spritz. Your pup will feel relaxed and refreshed!

Dog Wash
Brushing Dog's Teeth

Teeth Cleaning

 We use an ultrasonic brush which cleans with minimal movement and noise, removing plaque and tartar build up whilst improving blood circulation in the gums. It usually takes between 2-5 sessions to start seeing results, depending on the condition of the teeth and no anisthetic is necessary.

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