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Our Puppy Undergraduate Programme 

Welcome to the PUP (Puppy Undergraduate Program)! Our doggy daycare is a fun and safe place for puppies to grow and learn. Our trained staff are dedicated to providing your puppy with the best possible care and socialization during their time with us. In addition to plenty of playtime and exercise, we also offer obedience training and other educational activities to help your puppy develop good habits and become well-rounded members of the canine community. We can't wait to watch your puppy grow and learn with us at PUP!

Why Choose PUP?



We offer an Adventure for your pup. We take your pup on an exploration through a woodland environment. We will take your pup on a journey of discovery, introducing them to new sights and smells, and help them develop important skills and socialisation.

Dog Wash

Puppy Grooms

Our puppy grooms will provide the ultimate pampering experience for your pup. Our experienced groomers will ensure that your pup is desensitised and comfortable with all grooming tools. We will also provide a positive, enjoyable experience for your pup, leaving them feeling relaxed and looking their best.

Puppy Drinking


We offer a comprehensive service to teach your pup the basics of obedience, life skills and good behavior. Our training methods are based on positive reinforcement and reward-based conditioning to ensure your pup is learning in a safe and enjoyable environment. We also help puppies learn the essential skills for life, such as responding to commands, developing good manners, and becoming accustomed to a routine. We strive to provide puppies with the best learning experience possible.

Sleeping Dogs


We provide a service of habituation to promote calmness, reduce seperation anxiety, and facilitate self-regulation in puppies. Our goal is to help puppies develop into confident and well-behaved companions.



We offer comprehensive advice and guidance for training around the home. We provide monthly reports to track your pup's progress, and can answer any questions you have about your pup's development. With our Support service, you can ensure your pup is on the right path to becoming an obedient and well-behaved pup.

Three Big Puppies


Socialisation is key to help young puppies learn to interact positively with others. We facilitate well balanced play and invite puppies to enter into interactions with consent. Our goal is to ensure that puppies develop healthy social skills.

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